Monday, December 31, 2012

What a World!

International cricket i.e. any cricket match; T-20 leagues, ODI's or Test matches involving international cricketers (with or without local lads); is easily the largest organised fraud that is being committed on mankind, in broad daylight. 

An extraordinary coincidence took place recently. A book, 'Gambler Bookie Fixer Spy,' by a British journalist, ED Hawkins, made news before it was published. The book raised doubts about clean cricket and indicated possibility of continuing fixing in cricket. But it also betrayed racial bias of the author. While the author dwelt on the sub-continent, and  matches involving teams of the sub-continent, he knowingly or unknowingly didn't dwell much on more important events/matches involving the whites and the white players in the past. Anyway, the book just raised some eyebrows before the international media and the world chose to close eyes and preferred to remain blind.

The coincidence is that a week before publication of  the above book, another book, 'Inside The Boundary Line,' by me, a common Indian, got published in India. This book didn't raise questions, rather conveyed the truth (contained in the opening line/para) to the world. The author shared the truth he had experienced with the world. The international media and the world at large continued to be blind by choice, and didn't even raise an eyebrow. Strangely enough, the British author, Mr Hawkins, also couldn't do much when confronted with the truth. 

The world seems to be saying 'so what if international cricket is a continuing biggest fraud in broad daylight?' Right. But then why does the same world makes noise about very small matters in comparison? Probably not only India, but the whole world is the theater of the absurd. And Ms/Mr X, Y, or Z, howsoever well placed you are, wherever you are, howsoever handsome or beautiful you are, howsoever rich you are, you are but an absurd entity in this theater of the absurd.

Wishing all a happy and prosperous new year!