Thursday, April 22, 2010

More on IPLgate

I really appreciate the definition of IT dept in India as published in Economic Times on date..." the Indian govrnment's instrument of choice to intimidate businessmen who have fallen out of favour ". So are CBI and vigilance departments put to use more often than not. Coming back to the subject, IPLgate is turning out to be more comical by the day. The Sharad Pawars, Shashank Manohars, Arun Jaitleys and the whole lot are posing as if they were not aware of the affairs of Lalit Modi and IPL for last 3 years though they had been part and parcel of the IPL Governing Council. May be true! But if so, they won't deserve even to be watchmen even in mohalla committees! And stranger enough, the intelligentsia in the media appears to be digesting it in same manner as they digest utter nonsense around them day in and day out. The muck is so widespread and deeprooted that only God or Nature can cleanse it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The various aspects of IPLgate are all very simple. It is another matter that we don't see or don't want to see simple things.
1. The Indian Govt action/reaction now is similar to a person coolly allowing a tiny growth to develop into a full-blown cancer under his/her very nose and then deciding one fine day that major surgery was to be done.
2. If media or Govt think it's all one Lalit Modi's game and removing him will cleanse everything, then I feel like laughing loud. Outcome of a match can't be fixed if all connected are not involved or are not first rate fools. The list of those connected will include everyone belonging to the cricketing establishment and will be very long for fixing of IPL matches. It is quite visible to me as a man of limited intelligence, but probably those in media or Govt possess better I.Q.
3. Could things be so bad as being thought to be without involvement of franchise owners and big players? Aren't all of them very prestigious citizens, 'gods' or 'bharat ratnas'?

Yes, hypocrisy is a charcteristic among humans that ( maybe second only to 'ego') determines their course the most and is limitless.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A country of farces

Of late I have been wondering how India will rank as a most farcical nation. Farces do happen and will happen but what is extraordinary with India is how nonchalantly the nation accepts these farces day in and day out. One such farce started with Indian Idol and has multiplied exponentially since then. Selections are supposed to be through viewers' votes in numerous reality shows, there being no limit on number of votes being cast by a single viewer through SMS. More recently a great farce has been perpetrated by the intellectual cream of the country affecting the cream among the young generation. CAT was conducted for admissions to premier management institutes under lot of media attention. Boys and girls slogged to do well in the exam and results also got declared. But then suddenly it was decided that performance in this common objective exam wouldn't count much and marks obtained by the candidates years ago during schooling would count more. Though there have been murmurs among disgruntled candidates, as a nation we are just not bothered.
I do feel that we must be among top ten most farcical societies in the world.