Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sach ka Saamna

So media is above everybody. "Who are MP's to question the reality show 'Sach ka Aamna' shows similar to that have run successfully in 23 countries''. So were blurting a no. of media barons on electronic media yesterday evening. As per them MP's can't even question a thing which they consider harmful to nation. They don't have even that freedom while media needs all the freedom in the world!Will someone remiond these self proclaimed kings that MP's are duly elected representatives of people and they are responsible for running of the country more than anyone else? I just wonder what good 'Sach ka Saamna' can do to the viewer. 'hammam ke andar sab nange hain' is the Hindi proverb. What is the fun in showing that nangapan in public. Who is interested? I don't think healthy minds will be interested in that. Won't it be better if we and Media could face the ills of the society more truthfully?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion-Let us talk about issues and only talk

I have been having my concerns about electronic media and delays in our judicial system. I felt happy to read a few days back that Sh. Rajdip Sardesai had somewhat similar concerns about electronic media and none less than our President expressed concern about delays in our judicial system. But will there be any improvements as a result of genuine concern being felt by those who matter? Let us keep hoping.

Budgetting for Leakages

It was about 20 years back when our PM (Late Sh. Rajiv Gandhi) publicly said that out of every Rupee of public expenses only about paise 15 reached the common man. Inspite of such a clear diagnosis two decades back, the 15 paise hasn't become 16, at best it might have become 14. We are a nation full of intellectuals, padma-vibhushans and padmashris, celeberities, great leaders and what not. Still shamelessly we have been levying and collecting more and more taxes, increasing budgetted expenditure year after year without any attempt to control leakage of those 85 or more paise. And we do know nothing is difficult if we have necessary will. Still we consider ourselves as a logical species!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gay Sex

As a layman I understand that consensual sex among gays is legal now in India. I was wondering that are not homosexuals now better off than the hetrosexuals? All consensual sex among the latter is not legal still (adultery, prostitution etc). I was just wondering as a layman.