Friday, May 29, 2009

We as a collective species

We talk of one brotherhood but why is it so then that a man in street is least bothered if children are begging around him, if daily hundreds of innocent people die in blasts and violence in nearby countries? Are we civilised? Or civilisation is just a mask for us? Have we not failed utterly as a collective species? There are thousands of us who have means and do enjoy to the full, palatial living, the most delicious eating and completely satisfying love making with the most beautiful and handsome of the opposite (or same if lesbian) sex. Then there are billions who have to fight a daily battle for roti, kapda aur makan. Karl Marx and Communism couldn't succed. We have not been able to create a world order where people could coexist peacefully with basic needs of one and all being met with. If anything, we are fast going away from any such possible order by every minute. Human nature governs so and probably we have been so destined.


All around us ( I included) we see people running after money at costs. Cost of relations, cost of peace, cost of love, cost of self respect and self esteem, cost of other human beings and so on. What matters is money and more money. Isn't it strange and doesn't it show how foolish our species is? Money is necessary to an extent. But what purpose does it serve beyond a limit? Untill and unless it is put to some use for doing something? Money in Swiss Banks? isn't it just a waste? And what costs people must have paid to earn that? Money can only be a means, not an end. I do feel we are the most foolish species on earth though we think just the opposite.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A clear mandate

The outcome of recent elections has been a pleasant surprise. Not a fractured but a united India. All pundits and non-pundits such as me proved wrong. Onus now shifts to the winner to deliver. Hope they'll do it. Inspite of my strong resentment against dynastic rule, I this time have an inkling that the coming Govt. would be the best we have ever seen. Parties who fought against the winner are now falling over each other to support the party against which they fought the elections. Does this mean they have realised their mistake and will not fight elections next time around as they exist today? If they have to support their opponents after elections, why waste so much time, money and energy ? Why to exist as opponents and befool all? Could we do something to get rid of such farce? Let us hope the very best for us.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14/05/09 The elections are over(india). Projections based on exit polls and analysis are out. A country of 100 crores electing its government for a long period of 5 years. Must have been a serious exercise one would think. Full of issues and meaningful deliberations nation wide. But were there any issues? Any purposeful discussions/deliberations? I can't think of one, though media and its wizards were busy round the clock. In telling us who was calling whom names and the resulting reactions and counter reactions. In projecting individuals since they happened to have been born in a particular family as our future leaders. Telling us what they ate and how they wore their clothes, their lips and noses indicated what. Even the PM of 100 crores couldn't find virtue in any one other than one born in that particular family to be another future PM! What a great country and what a great people! No issues, no positive line of action from any political outfit other than telling us what was wrong with others. No botheration

i) how justice could be expedited. Justice delayed is justice denied. So no justice.

ii) Everyone tells us out of one Rupee of public money spent, only a few paisa in single digit reach public. The leaders have been telling us so for last many decades. But any action or will to correct it? No. We must continue to vote them , but, so that they would be able do something if they so desire.

iii) Why should capable youth of a civilised society be without work?

iv) Why wealth should concentrate among a few and majority of countrymen languish in poverty?

A few which would readily come to any mind but these are not any issues of any importance either for the media or the leaders. A great democracy! Indian democracy needs redefinition. Should we call it 'Government of the morons, by machinations, for money'?